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I'm an idiot :( Jul. 20th, 2004 @ 09:15 am
Hi! *waves*
Newbie here and I am the above :(

I'm pretty good at deleting spoiler mail from the groups.
I'm reasonably tactful about asking friends not to reveal spoilers to me.
I'm quite good at filing spoiler fics until I've seen the eps.

But I cannot resist photos.
I can't.
I *have* to click that link to pictures.
*takes breath*

Well, I've gone and done it, haven't I?
I clicked a link to the screen caps of Stargate's New Order 2, I couldn't stop STARING and I basically know what happens in the end!

I'm an idiot *cries*
Current Mood: annoyedat myself

Woo! Jul. 13th, 2004 @ 07:22 am
Thanks to the wonderfully talented duckadork, we now have a gorgeous new community banner over on the userinfo page. Go and check it out! It's GREAT!! She's also making us some community icons. Ain't she a nice person?

And I'd also like to thank esther75 for the suggestion on the "Hear no, see no, speak no spoilers" idea. It's very cool! We have such cool people in this community, if I do say so myself. *g*
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Hanging out in spoilerfree land :) Jul. 13th, 2004 @ 06:34 am
I thank Rob for making this community. I completely ruined my enjoyment of the finale of DS9 so many years ago when it aired. I read the complete synopsis of the final few episodes.

I play actively now in the SG1 fandom and got s*cked into the madness that this disfunctional fandom has fallen trap to. I was told it isn't as insane as some fandoms but I do have battle scars.

I watched the opener to S8 with only watching The Lowdown the Monday before. I was pleasantly surprised when my enthusiasm for the show returned. I really wasn't looking forward to S8 feeling that MGM was just milking the franchise to have it on air longer than any ST (okay very cynical of me).

I can't wait for Atlantis after watching Lowdown, too.

What is my extent of staying spoiler free? Well I am trying not to get in the trap of needing to know what is in the SciFi magazines where they hype the coming season. The interviews with producers, writers and actors often lead to more in-fighting in fandom. If I don't read it... I can't get annoyed by it. :) I do watch the previews at the end of the episode.

I admit that there are is one S7 episode I have yet to see all the way through because I really did not like the storyline. (Okay shoot me I'm a SJ shipper.)

I don't go to GW any more or even read many of the Yahoo groups I'm on because of the amount of spoilers at these sites.

I'm being good and not looking at people's ljs who are ranting about what they think of the spoilers.

It isn't easy to live in spoiler free land but I have to say my nerves are much happier. :)
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::ahem:: Jul. 12th, 2004 @ 07:53 pm
Hi my name is Karrie and I am desperately trying to avoid spoiling myself for Stargate S8.
Despite the fact I won't get to see it for a year.
(Stupid channel 4 hasn't even shown S7 yet. Hmph.)
There is just so much temptation!
I spoiled myself silly last season and I'm not sure how much longer I can keep this up without going mad.
I'm in Stargate withdrawal!
Current Mood: nervousnervous

Intro Jul. 12th, 2004 @ 01:16 pm
Hey all. I'm Vaidah. and I joined becaise Kate has some mad pimping skills.

I've been a spoiler virgin since spoilers ruined my roswell season 3 experience.

I don't look at promo pictures. >.> Havn't even seen the scape ones....and I am not even going to watch the scape preview....but normally I watch the previews.

Current shows I'm being very spoiler strict about are alias, the farscape mini, and nip/tuck...not so much tru calling...i might be losing interest in it...

Thanks for making a safe haven!
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» I have taken the first step...
I had to go to Gateworld and get the link for Season 7 preoder, and I noticed that they had an interview with "Pete". I also noticed it said spoilers, and guess what! I didn't read it. It was an odd feelin', but damn it felt good!
» Intro and questions
Hi all, nice to meet you. I'm Kate and I'm trying to stay spoiler free for Farscape (the miniseries), Stargate, and JAG. I'm not sure if I'll watch much of Atlantis, especially with school, but will avoid those spoilers as well.

A couple of questions:

I know everyone has a different level of spoiler virginity, for lack of a better word. I do watch promos, but tend to avoid anything else. (I do try not to give anything away in case someone doesn't want to know anything.) What do you guys avoid?

Are any of you behind the most recent airings available for your fandom? (In different country than most recent airing, no access to right channels, just getting into a show that's completed its run, etc.) I've been in that situation several times before and find it very tough to avoid spoilers that way than if I'm just avoiding something that's not out yet.
» Welcome!
Welcome to spoiler_free, a community intended for people who want to remain spoiler free. We're her to encourage you when you're tempted to read a spoiler, and to console you when you accidentally read one. We'll also remind people who do use spoilers to make sure that they cut them, or leave appropriate spoiler space.
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