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where are this pics from?? SG1 Aug. 28th, 2005 @ 11:39 pm
ive seen this pics a million times.
and i have no idea where they're from, i found them on google.
i saw every episode of season 1-7 and i didnt see this photos
so, anyone knows??
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icon Aug. 9th, 2005 @ 03:45 pm
i made an icon of stargate sg-1.

i plan to make a few more, using characters of both sg1 and atlantis.
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unavoidable Jul. 23rd, 2005 @ 10:17 pm
As i am a new Stargate fan, there are many things i don't know about it.
i downloaded all the season to catch up. (im on season 3 at the moment. just finished watching "the devil you know")
and several times, ive gotten confused about different things and when i go to search for answers, all i find are spoilers and more spoilers
i have not seeing anything of season 4 and 5 and i already know too many things.
and season 8 spoilers are everywhere.

is just really annoying.
and there's no solution, i'll just have to find some other way to answer my questions. or stay confused.
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spoiler free non-american stargate fan Jul. 22nd, 2005 @ 10:38 pm
im from chile
just finished watching stargate atlantis first season and ive begun the eight season of sg1.
im very tempted to see what's next to come , especially with all the stargate communitys im part of
im trying really hard not to be spoiled, although i have learned some things

i joined looking for some support.

i also watch a lot of other shows like west wing,alias, greys anatomy,oc,one tree hill, gilmore girls, everwood,smallville,charmed,er,las vegas,cold case,NCIS (ive only watched season 1)etc.

a few weeks ago, i went to fanfiction.net to look for NCIS fics and i found hundreds of fics with spoilers for the season 2 finale. there's no respect! i went searching for OC fics, the same thing.
then i went, and the same thing ( i had already seen that episode at least)
ff.net has no spoiler policy whatsover. it sucks. i send an email and i never heard back.
it was there too i first heard about the alias season 2 finale. horrible.
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Sorry if this isn't allowed. Just delete it if it isn't. Jun. 3rd, 2005 @ 09:22 pm

Live in the UK?
Love Nip/Tuck?
Then join niptuck_uk

If you don't join new communities, how can they grow?
Other entries
» Are there any other American SG-1 fans who aren't planning to download?
Okay, looking out at my flist, I'm getting the distinct impression that I'm one of only a very few people who aren't planning to download "Threads." I mean, I haven't even seen last week's ep.

Would anyone else like to stand up with me and support my unspoiled status? Or should I give in and download it? Help!!!
» How hard is it to use cut tags? (JAG)
I can't believe that I've remained mostly unspoiled for the new season of JAG, but someone just posted a huge spoiler, and there was no warning, no cut tag, nothing!

*grumbles* I actually commented to this person. Usually I let someone else do it, but this was a major spoiler. I mean, not the dumb little kind of spoiler, but a really huge one! Don't people realize that some of us are only on these lists for the fic, not for the spoilers? Like I'd join a list with the word "spoiler" in it if I wanted unguarded spoilers flying around my friend's page :( *wibble*

I feel mildly bad because the person is a newbie, but commen sense?

I am *so* going to sleep soon.

Oh, and I love this group. *hugs group*
» (No Subject)
Okay, so one of the pros about packing up my stuff and driving two days to school where my internet connection will be spotty for awhile? Avoiding a new trailer and thus a bunch of spoilers. Yay!

Sorry, having the opportunity be unavailable until the urge to look has passed is nice.
Ug! I was just spoiled by someone who made it look like the spoilers were for last night's ep, but they were really for an ep that won't be shown until next year.

I've really liked being spoiler-free, and now I'm going to have this info hanging over me. I mean, good news or bad news, I just don't want to know!
» newbie post
*comes in and sits down*

Hello, my name is starbuck92. I used to go poking around for Stargate spoilers until I realized I was never happy with what I read and/or saw. Therefore, I am done with spoilers! No more, I say! I want to be able to sit back and be able to enjoy the show without already knowing what's going to happen. Element of surprise and all that jazz. So...just thought I'd introduce myself. *waves*

And thanks to chiroho and audrich for the invite!
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